Supporting Military-Affiliated Students

Studies by the American Council on Education have shown that keys factors to best foster student veterans' academic success is by having faculty and staff who are aware of their unique experiences and identities coupled with resources for their overall success. Our format is based on the successful “Green Zone” model devised at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). Sessions will be delivered by full-time MVS staff or trained GW student veterans and can be customized to fit the goals of you and your colleagues to better educate and support military-affiliated students. 


  • GW Demographics
  • Military Culture
  • Transition to Civilian Life and Academic Culture
  • GW and Local/Regional Resources and Services

Scheduling Details

When requesting an information session, please provide the following:

  • Length of session (30 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 hours)
  • Location (in-person) or virtual link
  • Additional content to address
  • Please provide 2 weeks notice for planning purposes.
  • Submit your request to [email protected], or call us at (202) 994-9570.