Operation GW VALOR is a comprehensive, collaborative, and unified effort by key GW stakeholders to ensure that the University provides the highest caliber services to military members, veterans and their families. The initiative is led by VADM (ret) Mel Williams, GW's Associate Provost for Military and Veterans Affairs.

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A George Washington University Priority

GW VALOR supports the GW President’s emphasis on expanding “access and affordability” of the high quality George Washington University education in support of military, veterans, and military family members.


Access:  GW VALOR plans to expand access so that GW may accelerate learning opportunities and rewards for military, veterans, and military family member students as they enhance the diversity of learning in our classrooms.  Access to additional learning programs may be available to VALOR students via expansion at the GW Hampton Roads Center, programs at newly participating military facilities, and Online Programs- globally.  GW is also partnering with top Community Colleges to expand access of the quality GW education for students who wish to complete a four year degree.


Affordability:  As a reward to accelerate learning opportunities, we are making the quality GW learning more affordable for VALOR students. GW Undergraduate Online Degree Programs are offered at about a 60% reduction in cost, and in May 2013 GW doubled our contribution to Post 9/11 GI Bill Yellow Ribbon Program- making most GW Masters degree programs free of personal cost for tuition and fees for fully qualified veterans and their families. GW re-affirmed our significant commitment to the Yellow Ribbon Program in May 2014.